Dear Travelers,

A warm welcome from the Amar's Treks

A visit to The Kingdom of Nepal is a step towards paradise that promises you the most fascinating holiday of your life. Amar's Treks Company will help you plan a made-to-measure adventure, making sure you experience every aspect of our magical world. If you have a taste for the exotically different, the programs on our site make it easy to plan your time in Nepal. We invite you to explore the beauty of the snow-capped mountains, the extraordinary flora and fauna and the fascinating culture of people from several diverse ethnic groups.

What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a break that will thrill and revitalize you. At Amar's Treks Company, our whole team is proud to be at your service.

How Do We Work?

Amar's Treks has built a reputed image among mountaineering expedition teams, trekking peak climbers, trekkers for long and short period in all regions of Nepal plus visitors, visiting Chitwan/Bardia national park, Koshi Tappu, River Rafting and other activities for high quality, exciting and flexible vacation in the tiny kingdom of Nepal.

Amar's Treks is one of the pioneer adventure travel company and well-established trekking company in the kingdom of Nepal , and we are recognized by Nepal Government “Ministry of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation, Tourism Industry Division” and Ministry of Finance Department of Taxation”. . We have been providing a team of experience and professional manpower, who are involved for with different field works and world-wide clients from all walks of life and of all ages are still visiting with this organization.

Amar's Treks has so far introduced thousands of people around the globe not only for trekking but also to the trekking peaks as well as most of the Major Mountaineering expedition peaks. And. above all suffices it to say that not a single line or word of complain has reached our desk within this long span of life.

Further, another specialty of Amar's Treks is taking clients to those parts of the world where adventure travel is not well established and where you have the maximum chance to set the local people living the way they have been for centuries. There will be no comments if I say that my regular website feeds back almost your trek plans to this tiny kingdom of the Himalayas.

However, that would take some time, which are involved in corresponding, communicating for further inquiries and confirmation of certain treks. Since all of us have our own day-to-day compulsion commitment and unfortunately, we can not escape from that. Thus, with a view to assist you in meeting your plans and save most of the time. The proposals are tabled before you.

In other words if you want a moderately structured trek in the company of interesting people, these are the choice for you in a confirmed basis. I am sure that the following portfolio will be of much interesting for your acceptance. Here you will find a detailed information, which provides a broad guide to trekking possibilities in Nepal.

Finally, we invite you to join us and create your own memories of the special corer of the world. All these areas capture peoples' heart and imagination like the Himalayas. Apart from being this land of the highest mountain on earth plus longest Himalayan range along with spectacular scenery. The diversity far exceeds your dreams by penetrating you in a warm hospitality, friendly people of amazing different ethnic groups.

Why Amar’s Treks?

We are different from other travel agents and tour operators. Booking your tailor-made trip with Amar Treks guarantees a journey that has been thoroughly planned by an travel expert with in-depth knowledge of the region, that brings you an authentic scenery, a real life experience. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and customer service.

All our clients travel at their own pace rather than being made to fit in with a group scheduled departures, mass travel and local travel arrangements are made using private tour guides and drivers wherever possible. Your trips are flexible and can be customized to match your your travel needs.