Mata Tirtha Aushi

Mother’s Day in Nepal is also known as Mata Tirtha Aushi. People pay homage to their mothers presenting her favorite food, clothing and various gifts on this day.  

Mukh Herne means "to allow someone as our relative or give respect or to recognize the achievement of or love to someone". This is the day when we recognize and pay respect to our mother for her care and unconditional love to us, so we call this day the "Mother’s day" – “Aama ko Mukh Herne Din” (the literal meaning is “to see Mother’s face”)

Mother's day is not attached to a certain religion or a particular community. This occasion is observed by many communities across the nation.

Mother's day in Nepal is a tradition rather than a festival of a particular group or community. 

When is Mother’s day celebrated in Nepal

Mother's day is observed on Baishakh Krishna Aushi. In 2016, it is on Baishakh 24, 2073 which coincide with May 6, 2016 on English calendar.

This day is regarded as very auspicious. Those who have already lost his/her mother remember her giving Sida Daan to pandit (Sida is holy mixture of rice grains and other pure food materials with clothes). 

Generally people around Kathmandu visit Mata Tirtha (a holy place 9 Kilometers North West of Kathmandu) to perform “Sraddha” or “Pinda Daan” to their deceased mother. People in different part of the country do the ritual at home or at a river or any other holy place nearby.